Baltic Industrial Symbiosis

as a sustainable development model in the Baltic Sea region
Give wastes a new lease of live – make them an asset for another productions.
Find an available resource for your production among the wastes of other businesses.
The project was implemented with the support of:
Promotion of industrial symbiosis
Innovations capacity
The project promotes an idea of industrial symbiosis as a part of sustainable development strategy in the Baltic Sea region. The aim of the project – is to combine companies' efforts in using wastes of one partner as a resource for others. For instance, an excess of energy and materials on one production site could be used on another one.
The project stipulates for peer-to-peer exchange practices between industrial symbiosis managers. It develops new business and financial models. Council for industrial symbiosis would be alleged within the project as a platform for dialogue and experience exchange.
Information about the project on the web sites:
Industrial symbiosis.
Wastes of the production are the source for another one.
Industrial symbiosis uses the same principal as in a living nature – when two natures cooperate with a mutual benefit. Industrial and natural rationales combine into industrial symbiosis and provide advantages for the participants.
Do you want to know more about the LivingLab for Industrial Symbiosis in St.Petersburg and go on a tour to participating companies?
Check videos bellow
Umnaya Sreda (Smart Environment) St.Petersburg Company tour
This tour is created within the Baltic Industrial Symbiosis project and Peer-to-peer learning in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Natalya Vovdenko, owner of Umnaya Sreda St.Petersburg tells us how their company operates, what they believe in and how they plan to clean up our planet from plastic. Natalya also tells us about tests in the LivingLab St.Petersburg
99Recycle Company Tour
This tour is created within the Baltic Industrial Symbiosis project and Peer-to-peer learning in St. Petersburg, Russia. Sasha Semenov, co-founder of 99Recycle together with his colleagues tells us how the company was founded, how it is developing today and what plans their team has for the future. They will also explain why BIS project is interesting to them and what was already done.
Tosnensky Mixed Feed Factory Tour
This tour is created within the Baltic Industrial Symbiosis project and Peer-to-peer learning in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Anton, commercial director of TKKZ tells us about the Factory, their customers and their responsibility for healthy and sustainable production. Together with Ekaterina, development director we go on tour through a production process and get to know how TKKZ is involved in the BIS project www.tkkz.ru
Bushe Company Tour
This tour is created within the Baltic Industrial Symbiosis project and Peer-to-peer learning in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Anastasia takes us on virtual tour to Bushe coffee chain, tells us how a manifesto of new sincerity written by Oleg Lega, founder of Bushe changed their mindset, what sustainable initiatives Bushe has, how COVID-19 influenced them and how we cooperate within LivingLab activities. bushe.ru
Final Report
Living Lab proved to be a great tool for:
  • Industrial Symbiosis Chains creation
  • Research
  • Education
  • Popularization
  • Collaboration
5 steps to arrange a symbiotic chain
Follow the audit (screening) by the Symbiosis Center Denmark methodology and get a report of the existing resources consumption and waste production.
Resource/waste database
Your report connects to the resource and waste database for the analysis of potential symbiotic chains development. All the information is protected by the non-disclosure agreement.
Match & Meet
We organize meetings between companies that have a capacity for industrial symbiosis.
Industrial symbiosis
Implementing technical procedures in activities of the company, launch of symbiotic chain.
the selection of primary members is completed
Test in a Living Lab
Practical test of the industrial symbiosis ideas within Living Lab framework.
until 15.09.2020
since 01.04.2020
Russian project participants
Danone Russia
A world leader in four businesses: Essential Dairy and Plant-Based Products, Early Life Nutrition, Medical Nutrition and Waters.
Fazer group
International family company that of consists Fazer Bakery has the perfect bread, cake or pastry for every occasion. Fazer Confectionery's chocolates, sweets and biscuits delight in special occasions as well as everyday moments of indulgence. Fazer Lifestyle Foods offers healthy non-dairy foods, delicious smoothies and wholesome breakfast products. Fazer Retail refreshes consumers with freshly baked products and special coffees in cafés and bakery shops.
Saint-Petersburg based company combining three brands: Bushe, Warm Bread in Bed and Coffee Lab.
Münhell - is a brewery that can produce more than 100 000 liters of beer per month on the newest and high-technology production and bottling lines completed with automatic performance management system.
Severnaya Krevetka (Northern Shrimp)
Aqua farm produces live seafood.
Company produces ready to eat meals for tourists since 2014 in Saint-Petersburg.
NORD PULP produces and sales potting soils and fertilizers under the brands Terra Vita Zhivaya Zemlya, Terra Nova, Sad Chudes, Ideal, New Ideal, Raduga and Ispolin.
Tosnensky Mixed Feed Factory
Production and supply of total mixed rations and protein-vitamin-mineral supplements, premixes and pre-starter feed for farm animals – poultry, pigs, rabbits, horses, cattle, sheep and goats of all ages, also with a unique recipes for the particular animal considering breed, housing conditions, nutrition conditions and other factors.
Meat processing plant "Tosnenskiy"
Founded in 2004. One of the largest meat processing plants in North-West Russia.
Leader of the mining industry in break-stone production of the Republic of Karelia.
Trading and entertainment complex "Grand Canyon"
"Grand Canyon" was opened in February 2006, its floor space is about 150 000 sq. m. It is a trading and entertainment complex located close to "Prospekt Prosvescheniya" metro station on 154 Engels avenue. An average footfall is more then 1 500 000 people per month.
BIOCAD is Russia's leading innovative biotechnology company; it combines a world-class research and development center, ultra-modern pharmaceutical and biotechnological manufacturing facilities, as well as preclinical and clinical research infrastructure compliant with international standards.
BIOCAD is one of the world`s few full-cycle drug development and manufacturing companies, from new molecule discovery and genetic engineering to large-scale commercial production and marketing support.
BIOCAD`s medicines are dedicated to treat complex health conditions such as cancer, HIV and Hepatitis C infections, multiple sclerosis and other disorders.
There are Over 2700 employees, 30% of them are scientists.

It is a Russian engineering company founded at 2012 working in the field of wastes safe disposal, dust cleaning and gas treatment facilities and green energy. Technologies that have been developed by the company allows to get heat and electric energy from solid, liquid, paste and gas like wastes and silt and can be used in medical facilities, housing and public utilities, industrial facilities, water and wastewater plants, mining, oil and gas industries, paper and paperboard industries that care about recycling.
99 recycle
This is a brand of supplements and interior design made of processed plastic. Solutions know-how for proceeding plastic waste into the final product. Large-scale 3D printer for small architectural forms. Consulting and eco-friendly ideas.
Smart SREDA ecoplants produce street furniture made of green materials. Everything that we make is produced from plastic package and sand. We use all the variety of polyethene waste in order to make our planet clean and healthy by smart consumption and waste proceeding.
Read more about Russian participants and their goals within the project
Participants of the "Baltic Industrial Symbiosis" project are named.
We finalized applications reviewing for participants of the Baltic Industrial Symbiosis in March 2020. The next step is screening, combining into symbiotic chains, finding effective solutions for waste proceeding and finding for the cost efficient resources. So, who are the participants and are interested in industrial symbiosis?
to use an infrastructure on the Living Lab for free and to check the possibility of using wastes for own or someone's production
Why my company should participate in the project?
to establish contacts with potential partners for symbiotic chains development including international matchmaking events
to get into resource/waste database for the exploring a potential of arrangement of symbiotic chains (researches, successful cases of international partners)
to find a training courses for sustainable development and industrial symbiosis assisted by international experts
Above all – you could be a member of symbiotic chain: to sell your wastes or to advantage in getting resource
By filing the application form you agree with the processing of personal data policy
to get a report made by the Symbiosis Center Denmark methodology with the structured data on the existing resource consumption level and waste disposal
Screening is free of charge.

We would ask you for the information about your company, its' operational costs, energy consumption, plans and official web site excluding personal data of employees. All the information is to be secured by us and the leading partner of the project Symbiosis Center Denmark.
Your partnership member information is to be published whether is needed among project partners only for notifications about the realized project (subject to an approval with you) and to announce extra possibilities for participation (that is an information about successful case-realized stories in other countries – project partners).
Symbiosis Center Denmark, Kalundborg Municipality
Kalundborg Symbiosis
Næstved Municipality
Roskilde University
Thomas Budde Christensen
The Paper Province economic association
Swedish Agency for Economy and Regional Growth
Linköping University
Trøndelag County Council
Gdansk University of Technology
Tyreman Group
The St. Petersburg house property owners association
SC Mineral
  • Aleksandr Belykh
    project manager
  • Evdokia Lomagina
    project leader
  • Nikita Lomagin
  • Pavel Arzamascev
    general manager
  • Nikolay Smirnov
    chief accountant
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