22-23 April 2021
Peer-to-peer learning
Hybrid event in the LivingLab, St. Petersburg, Russia
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First day of Industrial Symbiosis peer-to-peer learning Hybrid event in the LivingLab, StP, Russia
Second day of Industrial Symbiosis peer-to-peer learning Hybrid event in the LivingLab, StP, Russia
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Peer-to-peer Program
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April, 22
April, 23
Thursday, April 22
12.30 - 17.00
Anna Nadezhdina
Sasha Semenov
99recycle, co-founder
Natalya Vovdenko
Umnaya Sreda St.P, owner
Darya Mironova
ITMO University, Head of Project Management & Commercialization Department
Friday, April 23
11.00 - 15.30
Anastasia Sergeeva
Bushe, creative projects manager
Anton Surushkin
TKKZ, commercial director
Natalya Bobyleva
SC "Mineral", Deputy director for international cooperation and environmental education
Nikolay Pitirimov,
St. Petersburg CleanTech Cluster for the Urban Environment
Evdokia Lomagina
Tyreman Group, CMO
Yana Slozhenikina
Quiz creator
We plan to use ZOOM platform for streaming and will add meeting ID and passcode closer to the event.
We will also send out invitations and links to the event via emails. If you want to participate in the event but haven't received details, please contact us: lomagina.evdokia@tyreman.group
Information about the project on the web sites:
Industrial symbiosis.
Wastes of the production are the source for another one.
Industrial symbiosis uses the same principal as in a living nature – when two natures cooperate with a mutual benefit. Industrial and natural rationales combine into industrial symbiosis and provide advantages for the participants.
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