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Final meeting of participants of industrial symbiosis managers training

August 23, 2021 within the Baltic Industrial Symbiosis project of the Russia-EU Cross-Border Cooperation Program Interreg. Baltic Sea Region we finished the first Industrial symbiosis online training in Russia. The training was conducted by a team of experts in sustainable development from the University of Linköping, Sweden (LiU) with the participation of practitioners from other project partners. 
Based on the results of the Online Training, participants will receive certificates depending on whether the participant of the training completed his/her homework or only attended a theoretical course.

A number of ideas were proposed for homework:
  • conduct interviews with stakeholders/stakeholders (who, how to attract him?)
  • organize business breakfasts
  • conduct company surveys
  • organize seminars (similar to Symbiosite)
  • explore application potential for selected resources
  • organize activities in living laboratories
  • Assess the effectiveness of existing/potential synergies
  • Explore challenges for potential synergies and develop an action plan
  • Study and propose recommendations for local/regional policy
  • Explore ways to improve cooperation with other regions or across the country

The final meeting focused on homework presentations:
- Nikolai Pitirimov "Creating an ecosystem of industrial symbiosis in Russia"
- Daria Mironova "Development of proposals for industrial symbiosis for enterprises of the Pskov region"
- Tatyana Loginova "Project" multifunctional traffic light in a case of non-combustible polymer materials "- as an integrator of green technologies "in large ecosystems"
- Ekaterina Surushkina "Tosnensky Mixed Feed Factory"
- Evdokia Lomagina "Using the MIRO board to identify and demonstrate the possibilities of industrial symbiosis and attract participants in the private and public sectors"
- Olga Kudryavtseva "Children as drivers of the circular economy of Tatarstan"
- Pavel Sharakhin "Development of a module on industrial symbiosis within the framework of the training course" Operational Management and Logistics "St. Petersburg State University"
- Vladimir Naumov "Practical work on the city symbiosis Narva2035"
- Vladislav Tishchenko "Industrial symbiosis: interview format and poll results."
All participants of the final meeting noted the value of the acquired knowledge in the field of industrial symbiosis, and the presented practical works proved the effectiveness of their use in the regions of Russia.