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St. Petersburg hosted the first part of the Industrial Symbiosis Online Practitioner Training in St. Petersburg, part of the Baltic Industrial Symbiosis project

On Friday, June 11, 2021, ended the first part of the Industrial Symbiosis Online Practitioner Training in St. Petersburg. The training was held as part of the # R082 project. Baltic Industrial Symbiosis (BIS) the INTERREG Baltic Sea Region Program.
# nbsp; The training was organized by the Clean Technology Cluster of St. Petersburg and Linkoping University. Murat Mirata, a trainer and specialist in industrial symbiosis at Linkoping University, explained the training participants for 3 days the need to move to a circular economy and the role of industrial symbiosis in this process, the advantages of this approach, the defining roles and factors in its establishment, gave inspiring examples of successful industrial symbiosis in the world. 
Also as part of the training # nbsp; Thomas Budde Christensen # nbsp; from the Roskilde University spoke about existing policies, legislative initiatives and support measures in the field of industrial symbiosis, # nbsp; Roozbeh Feiz # nbsp; from the Linköping University shared an efficiency assessment methodology for building a symbiotic chain and evaluating existing chains, as well as Evdokia Lomagina and Alexander Belykh from Tyreman Group in the format of dialogue shared with the participants of the training their experience in building industrial symbiosis in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, organization of the Living Lab and the launch of test symbiotic chains, as well as plans for the future. # nbsp;

As part of the training, a number of discussions and practical sessions were also held, in the framework of which participants discussed the conditions and necessary tools for the establishment of symbiosis in Russia, as well as in game form, built chains between production enterprises of various sectors with a subsequent analysis of possible difficulties in such a process. # nbsp;